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Trip/T'Polers: A Trip and T'Pol Shipper's Site

Welcome to Trip/T'Polers, dedicated to the relationship between Trip and T'Pol. We are part of the great House of Tucker. Feel free to browse around. Select from the menu on the left to begin exploring.

Trip/T'Polers stopped posting new content on January 1, 2007.

Some features of our home include:

A Shipper's Guide...: An abundance of photographic evidence with enough persuasive commentary to warm the heart of any Trip and T'Pol 'shipper and provoke the envy of any who seek other romantic alliances for either character. Enjoy all four seasons!

Fiction: Trip and T'Pol fan fiction.

2007 Trip and T'Pol Calendar!

Music Videos: Trip and T'Pol Music Videos. There is a link on the side bar menu as well.

Image Gallery: Trip and T'Pol screen caps, starting with Season Two.

Links and Banners: Links to other Trip/T'Pol sites and Enterprise sites. Includes our House of Tucker banners for all HoT sites!

Miscellany: ZG reviews, THECURSOR's final shipper report, Peter Simons' Season 4 Deconstructed, persianmouse's reviews, and reviews by Kevin Thomas Riley.

House of Tucker Bulletin Board: discuss Trip and T'Pol in the Trip/T'Polers forum of HoTBBS!

Soval's Annex

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